Selecting the right bong for you


There are several equipment and accessories that ideal for smoking. One of the accessories is the bong which is designed for the smokers to enjoy their pot. Some of these accessories and equipment include the concentrate pipes, bubblers, dab rings, and the glass bong. The use of the bongs is highly recommended because it is a healthier way of smoking the pot as compared to the conventional methods of smoking the bong. They are also ideal for the novices because their smoke is not as irritating as the traditional ways of smoking. The smoking accessories and equipment come in various designs and materials. For the cheap bongs click on the highlighted link. Let us look at some of the methods of selecting the right bong for you;

Selection tips

Environment and budget


The environment and budget are critical when it comes to the selection of the right bong. The amount of money that you have and willing to spend on the bong will determine the type of bong that you will purchase. Bongs are made from different materials which have different pricing. For example, the glass bongs are costlier than the wooden bongs. The environment in which the smoking of the pot using the bong is also critical. This will help in determining the portability and size of the smoking accessories.

Major types of bongs

The most popular types of bongs that are available in the market are those that are made of wood, acrylic, or glass. If you are a learner, then the acrylic bong is an ideal smoking accessory for you. The acrylic bongs are made using plastics with the rubber or metal downstems. This makes it cheaper and quite durable as compared to the glass bong. One of the demerits of this smoking equipment is that it is hard to clean and as a result retains undesirable odor after being used. You will be also likely to get the plastic taste while smoking.

Wood bongs


If you are looking for an inexpensive, durable, and quite stylish bong then the wooden bong is ideal for you. The wooden bong will provide you with an excellent flavor and scent. Just like we mentioned earlier on, they quickly retain smell and easily get dirty. Cleaning them is more difficult as compared to the glass bongs. When it comes to the use of bongs, the glass bongs are the standard. They are not only classy but also provide a clean smoking experience. The glass bongs come in various designs, are decorative, and stylish in equal measure. They do not produce fumes or vapor and are therefore the epitome of class when it comes to smoking. Watch the video below on the best tips when buying the ideal bong;