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It is fascinating how people who are not in any way related by blood and have grown up in totally different households can meet and become very close to the point where they are almost family. Friends are practically family who you experience happiness with and who help you during the tough times. They embarrass you any chance they get to but protect you if anyone else dared to do the same thing. Let us look at the importance of friends in our lives.

Importance of friendships

Reservoirs for secrets

Imagine how life would be like if you did not have those close friends with whom you would share secrets with. Things that you wouldn’t tell anybody else. Something you did at work, your crush, your relationship, plans you have about a lot of things. Your embarrassing moments and tons of hilarious stories. It is very fulfilling to be able to talk about this stuff with people who would take these secrets to the grave.

They help with our confidence and self-esteem

Sometimes you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t think you are cut out for a lot of things and you aren’t that confident. Our friends help a lot with our confidence. They push us to do things that we are afraid to do because we don’t believe in ourselves. If you see just how much your friends believe in you and how confident they are in your abilities, then it makes you more confident.


We cannot underestimate the importance of having people around you who have seen you at your worst, but they still stick around. They have seen you probably at your lowest. When you were always indoors with pajamas and messed up hair with no makeup, they were there, and they are still there right now. It is important to have people who you can be that comfortable with.

Escape from loneliness

I wouldn’t even want to imagine a world where you did not have those close people who you would always sit next to in class. The people you would always have lunch with. Those people who you can call at whatever time of the night and they would still pick up.

Reality checks

Friends are there to help us make the right decisions. If they see us going down the wrong path, they are always there to tell us straight up that we are making a mistake. They don’t hesitate to check us and put us on the straight and narrow.